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About Us

We're creating a site for active investors who want to find opportunities in the post-SPAC market.

We have been covering the IPO market actively since 2009 at IPO Candy. Over the years our following there includes over 1,800 active members and an additional 13,000+ readers.

In the last few years we noticed an increasing number of companies coming public not the "regular way" but via a reverse merger, often using a public Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation or SPAC.

Turns out you can discover some new and exciting companies this way and exploit some opportunities that arise from the somewhat unusual and not very well covered market place.

Although we've been tracking SPAC deals for years now we didn't pay much attention to them until one day Virgin Galactic (SPCE) took off after merging with Social Capital (IPOA) to become a public company. The warrants which were available for $1.60 suddenly shot up to $20 each, offering rare returns.

There are plenty of risks in this corner of the market but but doing your homework and paying attention you can find some diamonds in the rough. That's where we come in. We hope you'll subscribe to our service and spread the word to others that might be interested.

Keep in mind that everything we do here is for entertainment purposes only. We are not investment advisors, brokers, dealers, economists, accountants, lawyers or even bankers.