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There is lots of legalese below but here is the very short version: 1) nothing here is sure to be good or even accurate, 2) you agree not to share any of our material (analysis, commentary, links) without prior permission and 3) making direct investments is really the realm of trained professionals and even most of those fail to do it consistently well if at all.


SPACvest values and protects your privacy. All information shared with SPACvest will be treated with care. SPACvest does not rent, sell or otherwise disclose any personal data without express permission. We use reasonable measures (technical, administrative, and physical) to protect information from unauthorized access and use.

SPACvest sends email to members on a regular basis as part of the services offered for each membership level. Members may opt-out of these email communications using the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of the email.  Some SPACvest subscribers elect to receive SMS messages. These are opt-in and can be ended at any time by texting STOP in reply.

Terms of Sale & Refunds

SPACvest is a membership-based service that includes a free and paying options. These come in different sizes depending on your needs and can be paid for either monthly or annually.

SPACvest does not offer free trials. However, by signing up for our free newsletter you'll get a very good idea of the type of information we provide.

We do want our clients to be happy so if the service proves to be a disappointment, clients may contact us and receive a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances.

Pricing of Products and Services

Memberships are priced and delivered as a membership subscription. These memberships and their subscription rates are provided on our website. SPACvest may also offer products and services, like individual reports and events, as discrete purchases.

From time to time SPACvest makes special offerings like customized research or advisory services available to members under revised terms and conditions. Investment banks or other financial institutions sometimes require "library access" that enables content to be shared with other members of their organizations. We offer these on an ad-hoc basis.

Content Use

Materials may not be reproduced, distributed, disseminated, republished, sold, offered for sale, rebroadcast, forwarded or circulated beyond the member or named user. Members may view, print and make copies of material only for their own personal use. Members may not share their credentials with anyone else in order to give them access to the site. PLEASE do not violate our copyrights and terms of this agreement. This is our livelihood we are talking about here.

We do encourage fair use whereby a small portion of our content is used with citation and attribution. Links back to the full content or our website should be included.

SPACvest offers multiple copy discounts and individual reprint/distribution arrangements can be made by special request.


SPACvest is not a securities broker/dealer, investment bank or registered investment advisor. We do not make investment recommendations of any kind. Our content, research, and analysis are intended for informational purposes only and our conclusions are made out of a spirit of intellectual rigor, not as solicitations or calls to action.

It is impossible to judge or evaluate any investment without taking full account of investment objectives, an asset allocation plan, risk management methods, and an overall portfolio strategy. Active risk management and risk/return thresholds are as important as any absolute return possibilities.

SPACvest employees may have investments in areas or companies that we analyze and write about. SPACvest generally undertakes to disclose any current affiliations, relationships or related interests. However, we are under no obligation do so or to update any prior disclosures. SPACvest puts clients first and never intentionally engages in any behavior that violates that principle.

Contacting Us

SPACvest is a business of Blue Caterpillar LLC with principal offices 315 Common Street, Belmont MA 02478. Please use our online form to contact us.