All three flavors from one sweet source at no extra cost.

Triple Good News

After all the ebbs and flows of the IPO market, SPACs, and spinoffs, we combine the three into one steady river of opportunities. SPACvest and Spinoff Candy join IPO Candy.

Kris Tuttle
Kris Tuttle

TLDR; We are folding both SPACvest and Spinoff Candy into IPO Candy. You can still get your "slice" of just one, but you can also opt-in to the rest. More details and a video are below.

Since starting IPO Candy in 2009, we've seen some ebbs and flows in different parts of the capital markets.

There were weeks when we had 25 companies actively marketing and pricing regular-way IPOs. Last week we had just one, and it was a spinoff!

SPACs were always considered a backwater for a small group of institutions focused on units, yields, and warrants rather than growth companies. That changed with the advent of a few high-profile stocks that drew massive retail attention from "investors" flush with a hefty allowance from Uncle Sam.

SPAC deals are down, but they are far from out. There are already almost 100 deals closed or announced so far in 2023. Many (most?) of those will not do well but a few will. Research is important, and patience and timing are required.

It's a mode I enjoy since that's what we do, and we've been pleased to own some "broken" deals that have recovered nicely, including Hims & Hers $HIMS, DocGo $DCGO, and DraftKings $DKNG.  

Finally, I saw an opportunity in spinoffs, and Spinoff Candy launched with a surprisingly large list of over 75 stocks, with more on the way. We got rewarded in the proposed Teck Resources $TECK spinoff, and it didn't even happen!

The Three-into-one Move

Our platform is now more capable, so we can combine but keep separate these different practices.

We will allow members to tailor their content further by industry and content type. So if you're only interested in healthcare, that's all you'll get via email. (You can always find everything on the site using navigation or search.)

As a SPACvest member, here is what you should expect:

  1. You have already been added to the IPO Candy site as a member.
  2. The existing SPACvest content has been copied over to IPO Candy and tagged, so you can isolate it by clicking "SPAC IPOS" in the navigation.  
  3. A SPAC note was published today that you should try and view: Some Healthy SPACs
  4. You can request a link to sign in if your password does not work.
  5. Once you are in, you can see and change your newsletter preferences. This is covered in the video below.
  6. Your "paid" status from SPACvest should carry over to IPO Candy. If it does not, we will fix it; use the Contact Us tab.
  7. If you have both a SPACvest and an IPO Candy paid membership, we will cancel/refund pro-rata the SPAC one, and your IPO Candy subscription will go forward.
  8. The SPACvest site will continue to exist for a bit, but no new members will be allowed to join, and no new content will be posted.
  9. Then we will forward the link to SPACvest to the SPAC IPO page on IPO Candy.

These things are never perfect, so please reach out if you have questions. The video below should help.

After this migration, there are a bunch of new things that we will be adding.


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